Commitments and values

Our approach is collaborative and sustainable for a respectful and responsible anchoring of each project locally

Developing renewable energies in a territory is a sign of dynamism and strong sustainable commitment. By adopting this approach, Valeco Group accompanies local representatives and actors to:

Create local added value from available and inexhaustible resources

ensure that each project is an economic, social and environmental success

Our ethical commitments

Each of our projects is carried out:

  • maintaining close consultation and dialogue with representatives and residents,
  • with the objective of developing the local economy,
  • with profound respect of the installation territory: residents’ quality of life, history and culture, landscapes and natural habitats.

Our concrete actions

  • Setting up steering committees so that residents can get involved in projects concerning their territory;
  • Putting in place supporting measures so that the information provided on the project is transparent and regular;
  • Creating activities within the territory and using local capacities: appealing to regional companies for plant construction and creating permanent jobs for maintenance bases;
  • Supporting local pastoral activities, where possible, by entrusting the maintenance of solar power plants to shepherds;
  • Implementing patronage and sponsorship activities to share all important moments with the population;
  • If communities wish to do so, we set up participatory investment

Valeco Group is a signatory of the  FEE code of ethics (France Énergies Éolienne) that focuses mainly on:

  • the commitment of professionals to carry out project in consultation with local actors,
  • the spirit of excellence and a responsible approach throughout all phases of the projects, from design to dismantlement.