Wind power

A mature technology and a strong development potential

Wind power has always been exploited by men to produce, to transform raw materials and for transportation…and for some time now, for power generation.
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Nowadays, wind turbine equipment is a mature, reliable technology with a strong development potential. Over the last decade, it has experienced a significant growth and the Grenelle de l’Environnement has set ambitious goals for France:

  • by 2020, 23% of France’s total energy consumption is to be produced by renewable energies. One-fourth of that 23% is to be wind powered,
  • that is 25,000 MW produced including 6,000 MW off shore,
  • that is 6,000 additional wind turbines (3 times more than what is currently installed).


Close-up on the Monts de Lacaune wind farm

Valeco Group conducted a unique groundbreaking operation by creating the first private electric power transformation substation (225/20kV) aimed at connecting the wind farm of the Monts de Lacaune in Couffrau. For that matter, the project created 12 local jobs.

  • Location : Tarn and Aveyron départements
  • Commissioning : 2006, 2008 and 2011
  • 6 Farms / 74 MW
  • 31 wind turbines 19 of which connected to the Couffrau electrical substation
  • CO2 emissions spared : 53 980 t/year

Location of our references in wind energy

close-up on wind energy advantages...

  • clean energy: no polluting waste, no gas emission into the atmosphere
  • An agriculture-friendly energy: doesn’t interfere with harvesting, doesn’t bother horses, bovines and other cattle grazing around wind turbines
  • A free and inexhaustible source
  • A significant yield for a small footprint
  • Tax benefits and economic advantages
  • Complete site restauration after dismantlement