Solar energy

Ground-based or roof-mounted, this energy is readily available

Powered by sun rays, the energy produced by photovoltaic panels is inexhaustible, reliable, available everywhere and completely flexible.

The energy produced can either be fed into the local electrical grid or consumed locally. There are many possible applications: ground-based solar plants (farms, brownfields, highway unused areas, landfill sites, quarries…), roof-mounted (renovation or construction) solar panels on industrial, farming, commercial or public buildings, solar canopies for parking lots and housing
The size of the source is huge and immediately available.
According to the objectives set by the Grenelle de l’Environnement, the total installed photovoltaic capacity in France should be of 5,400 MW by 2020, which corresponds to 1% of the national electrical consumption.

The solar plant of Terres Rouges

Close-up on the solar plant of Terres Rouges: use of solar trackers to increase photovoltaic production.

This abandonned quarry in the Haute-Vallée de l’Orb has been restored to produce green energy. Part of this plant is equipped with solar trackers. These panels have the ability to track the sunlight in real time thus increasing production yields. A model of brownfield restoration.

  • Location : Hérault (34)
  • Comissioning : 2015
  • 15 hectares / 7,1 MWc
  • CO2 emissions spared : 4403 tons / year

The solar plant of Saint Mamet

Close-up on the solar plant of Saint Mamet in Nîmes: asbestos removal area of 25,000 m2

  • Location : Gard (30)
  • Comissioning : June 2016
  • 2 850 kWc / 25 000m²
  • CO2 emissions spared : 1630 ton / year

The solar plant of the Valeco head office

Close-up on the solar plant of the Valeco head office : a model of tertiary building that is energy self-sufficient

Photovoltaic roof, solar canopies for parking lots, charging poles for electric vehicles… Valeco Group is equipped to produce its own electricity while providing maximum comfort to its staff members.

The roof of the building is also used for other purposes: PV panels production tests with different clogging levels, internal validation for work at a height training.

  • Location : Hérault (34)
  • Comissioning : 2012
  • Electrical power : 100 kWc
  • Electrical production : 143 200 kWh/an
  • Exploited area : 968m²
  • CO2 emissions spared : 11 t/an

Location of our references in solar energy

Close-up on solar energy advantages...

  • An inexhaustible energy available everywhere: cities, countryside, north, south…
  • A clean energy that spares CO2 emissions and polluting waste
  • A reliable energy: not one piece of equipment moves and materials withstand extreme climate conditions.
  • A flexible energy that can be used for a large range of applications, needs
  • An energy that enables to pay off investments and even generate income (resale of excess production)
  • A very low operating cost (reduced maintenance of photovoltaic panels)