Biomont biomass cogeneration plant (Canada)

Centrale biomasse de Biomont
  • Place : Canada
  • Power : 4,8 MW electrical 5,2 MW thermal
  • Commissioning : August 2017
  • Emission of CO2 avoided : 1800 tons of CO2 per year

The Miron quarry provided resources for the construction of the city of Montreal for around forty years. The quarry was then used as a landfill site for 20 years.

Since 1989, the city of Montreal installed a huge device to avoid biogas emissions into the ground and the atmosphere.

Today, the Biomont plant collects this biogas and converts it into electricity providing power for about 2,000 households and hot water for surrounding buildings thus sparing the emission of 1,800 tons of CO2 per year.

Biomont biomass cogeneration plant (Canada)
Montreal Canada