Solar Power Plant of Condom

Centrale solaire de Condom
  • Place : Condom
  • Power : 10 MW
  • Commissioning : 08/2013
  • Emission of CO2 avoided : 3500 t/year

Following the call for proposal initiated by the Communauté de Communes of Ténarèze in 2009, VALECO Group’s project was chosen to develop, build and operate a solar plant located on the industrial wasteland of Pôme in Condom (Dept 32).

Despite the fact that it has been a complicated context for the photovoltaic sector since 2 years, this plant could never have happened without the persistence and close collaboration between our teams, the local representatives and the residents. This 23 ha land owned by the municipalities was originally made available for industrial activities but since they failed to find someone interested, the solar plant project took over.

Solar Power Plant of Condom
Condom France