Solar Power Plant of Decazeville – La Découverte

Solar Power Plant of Decazeville - La Découverte
  • Place : Decazeville
  • Power : 12 MWc
  • Commissioning : 2016
  • Emission of CO2 avoided : 3 438 t/year

Initiated by the local authorities in 2009, the feasibility study lead to a call for tender in 2012 to bring about this project. VALECO Group was chosen for the development, implementation and operation of the project.

The field has been progressively reshaped and is now a vast wasteland (400 ha). This project was a good opportunity to rehabilitate an abandoned industrial wasteland into a renewable energy production site that respects the environment and provides economic growth. To do so in line with applicable regulations, an impact study was undertaken in order to lead to a project achieving the best compromise for all thematic issues (human, physical, environment, nature, landscape…).

In April 2014, the VALECO project was chosen in the framework of the national call for tender n°2013/S 049-079472 focusing on the construction and operation of a solar energy production site with a nominal power peak of more than 250 kW. This call for tender was led by the Ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy and the Commission for energy regulation, thus ensuring the sale of the electricity for this type of project featuring environmental, technical and social qualities.

In this way, French components (modules and structures) could be installed thus ensuring an interesting carbon footprint and the promotion of the French photovoltaic sector. Innovative technologies have been installed featuring the use of photovoltaic modules tracking the movement of the sun.

Moreover, a 5-year research and development program was initiated with an overall budget of 350,000 € in partnership with the National institute for solar energy (INES).

Solar Power Plant of Decazeville – La Découverte
Decazeville France