Solar Power Plant of Sainte Radegonde

Centrale Solaire de Sainte Radegonde
  • Place : Sainte Radegonde
  • Power : 850 kWc
  • Commissioning : 01/2012
  • Emission of CO2 avoided : 93,5 t/year

This project was developed in the municipality of Sainte Radegonde near the city of Rodez, more precisely in the Arsac industrial park. The project features a total power of 850 kWc divided into two buildings: 250 and 600 kWc.

Given the total surface area of the large building, the wood structure had to be strengthened with concrete pillars. The connection of the plant to the network is done through MV on the supply loop of the industrial park.

Solar Power Plant of Sainte Radegonde
Sainte Radegonde
Sainte Radegonde France