Wind Farm Champs Perdus

Windfarm Champs Perdus
  • Place : Hangest en Santerre
  • Power : 12 MW
  • Commissioning : 2014
  • Emission of CO2 avoided : 12 259 t / year

The Champs Perdus project was initiated in 2005, it is located in the municipality of Hangest-en-Santerre. This first high-yield wind farm installed by VALECO in Picardie was carried out in partnership with the municipality of Hangest-en-Santerre. The involvement of the local authorities during the design phase and along the various administrative meetings helped move the project forward.Simultaneously, communication has been an important feature for this project, setting up public meetings on a regular basis helped to keep the population informed of the progress of the study. The wind farm was commissioned on September 2014 and has been operating since. It is located among agricultural fields and has the particular feature of having a private 16 km electrical network for network connection.

Wind Farm Champs Perdus
Wind Farm Champs Perdus
Hangest en Santerre France