Valeco Energie Quebec


Since 2012, Valeco Energie Quebec Inc., based in Montreal, has been developing renewable energy projects, most notably wind, solar, and biogas facilities, throughout Canada.

This Montreal agency, with its seven employees, benefits from the support of Valeco – France for the engineering and financing of all its projects.

Our projects

Biomont Energie: 10 MW

The Biomont Energie cogeneration plant, operated by Valeco Gestion et Services, was inaugurated in October 2017 and is located on the edge of Parc Frédéric-Back in Montreal, within the Saint-Michel environmental complex. This location makes it possible for the plant to recover the biogas emitted by the old landfill site below the park.

The three engines of this cogeneration plant transform the biogas into electricity (4.8 MW), supplied to Hydro-Québec, and into heat (5.2 MW), supplied to Cirque du Soleil and TOHU for the heating of their nearby buildings.

One of the commitments for Biomont Energie is to integrate into the landscape and the cultural development of the environmental complex of the Saint-Michel district. A fresco was produced by an agency specializing in urban art, Ashop, to participate in the efforts of the City of Montreal to make the neighborhood more pleasant for residents and, in the short term, to finalize the transformation of the old landfill site into a recreational park.

For educational purposes, Valeco Gestion et Services frequently organizes visits to Biomont Energie for students, neighbourhood residents, partner companies, and more generally for any interested clients who request visits to Parc Frédéric-Back.

Dune-du-Nord wind power project: 6.4 MW

The Parc Éolien de la Dune-du-Nord is a wind power project under construction in the Magdalen Islands in Quebec. Valeco Energie Québec Inc. won the call for proposals launched by Hydro-Québec Distribution on October 23, 2015, and has been actively involved in the development and construction of this project since March 2018. In addition, Valeco will be responsible for operating the wind farm. The Enercon E126-EP3 wind turbines, with a maximum unit power of 4 MW, will transform the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy that will be integrated into Hydro-Québec Distribution’s isolated grid in the Magdalen Islands.

Valeco Energie Quebec is proud to contribute to this wind project, which will be installed on the largest isolated network in Quebec and will work alongside the community of Îles-de-la-Madeleine for the next 20 years to operate the wind farm.

Projects under development

Valeco Energie Quebec has wind power projects under development in Quebec, New Brunswick, Manitoba, and Alberta. In Quebec, Valeco Energie Quebec focuses on the development of solar projects in the northern regions of Canada and the establishment of new opportunities in the field of biogas in Quebec.